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That was awesome and hilarious, and it made sense too! And now I know that I was cool in elementry school!!

I can't complain at all, keep up the hilarious work!



That was absolutley hilarious. But I must say, that is not how you play a bassoon. you actually blow into the part that come off to the side. :p

Anyway, this is hilarious and I must congratulate you for such a great way to pass the time!

Thank you!


Wonchop responds:

Considering it's both a baby and a baboon, he wouldn't really know that.
Neither would I mind >_>


"War, Snow and Fire" is a simple yet heartwarming tale of a little girl and a dragon whe stubbles upon...

I could see a great movie style reveiw coming out of this flash animation! This is truly deserving of the top spot on Newgrounds. We've needed this for a long time.

Truly amazing work!


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Now THAT was something!

You don't find a game where it actually makes you wonder what wil happen next and then freak the crap out of you! Boy, that boss at the end just make me freak!

Also, this game had a simple concept, but was so complicated at the same time. Now that I am looking at the medals, there is so much that I missed, so I will be coming back to this. The animation was great, gameplay amazing, and story was nice and simple.

I can't say anything bad about this game, great job!



I agree with Isuwyn. Using points instead of time would be great, and so would the addition of levels and specials.

This is by far one of the most creative games that I have ever played. At first I was thinking, oh great, it's tetris. Then I saw the bottom and thought, "oh, a computer" but no, I was controlling that part as well! So, I believe that better instrutions would be great!

This is a fantastic game, please make a sequel!


Not bad, just...

You really need to make a menu to start. On the menu should be "Instructions" and "Begin Mission". Also, there needs to be a more apparent storyline so that there seems to be a purpose to this game. It wasn't worth absolutely nothing, it just needs work. Keep trying and see where this goes. Good luck!


kenny responds:

I'm just a noob, I'm sorry my flash wasn't that great :C

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Two Heroes, has been made better!

When I first listened to this, I was thinking, "WAIT A MOMENT, the begining is the same as that 'Two Heroes' piece on my iPod!" So I went searching for it to check the artist that wrote it, and sure enough it was you! :D

I REALLLLLLY like the expansion you've done on this, it's fantastaic! It's so...so...perfect for a short film! It's exciting, epic, entertaining, perfect!

I do have to say though, I bet you could come up with a better title. ;D

Fantastic job my friend!



I absolutely love this! I don't listen to much classical guitar, but I think this is just amazing!!!

Yeah, not much to say, I just love what you're doing!



So, when I first started listening to this and heard the "Greensleeves" at the begining, I was thinking, "Greensleeves and Carol of the Bells? I did something like that." Of course, you made something completely different and a lot more energetic than what I did. :P

And dang, this is just insane! I wasn't expeting to hear electric guitars from you, at least not like this! Dude, this was just crazy!! :D

Thank you for sharing this with us here on newgrounds, it is most excelent!


Gravey responds:

Thanks a lot bud. Really glad you enjoyed it. :-)


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Lovely style!

I like the style that you have. It brings a lot of character into the illustration, and I like that! However, there isn't that special something about this one that makes me say "Wow." Either that or I am just blind.

This is pretty neat stuff! I hope I get to see more of it!



The style that you have chosen to present this image in is perfect! It captures the spirit of both the wild things and of Max. I can really see their characters being portrayed in this! Keep up the great work!


I am a young composer living in the United States. Most of my music is slow, lyrical, dark, emotional, and programatic. I however am a very upbeat and happy person. Quite the interesting contrast, isn't it?

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