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Piece to be Performed Live!

2010-12-21 18:20:09 by PenguinSam

So, I've got some fantastic news to share with yall! I recently entered the Austin Symphony's First Annual Young Composers Competition, and my piece "The Last Lullaby" was one piece that was chosen to be performed by the Austin Symphony Orchestra in spring, or ealrly summer, 2011. The official date has not been decided, but it is certain that the concert will take place.

And to say the very least, I'm absolutely thrilled!



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2010-12-24 23:10:46

Merry Christmas!

PenguinSam responds:

Um, thank you!

I don't exactly get what that has to do with this, but that's okay! :D

Merry (belated) Christmas to you too!



2011-01-01 03:41:31

Congrats man! I know that the young composer comps are a big honor. I want to do one for next year's New England region one. So again, congratulations! Keep up the good work. :D

PenguinSam responds:

Thank you! And good luck to you as well!